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Smashing your mindset monsters when you get in front of a camera

Are you one of those people who LOVES getting in front of the camera?  Whether it’s taking a selfie, jumping onto a zoom meeting or being interviewed by broadcast media?

If you said no, then you’re definitely in the majority of people who would rather NOT be in front of the camera.


Because immediately you get in front of the camera you become self-conscious and that little voice in your head, otherwise known as the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee (IBSC) starts critiquing the way you look, the clothes you’re wearing, the haircut you have or haven’t had, or the awkward way you stand.

As human beings, we look for evidence to support the crappy self-belief that we have about the way we look. So, when you get in front of the camera, your IBSC goes to work.

For me, in the past, my IBSC would tell me my extra fuzzy hair doesn’t ever look neat, and when I looked back at any photos or videos of myself I’d see a birds nest atop of my head shining like a beacon to any passing flock of parrots.

But guess what, now I’ve conquered my mindset monster, I know that no one else has even noticed my hair and all they see is my happy smile, positivity or the great jacket I’m wearing.

If you think or believe that you appear awkward and clumsy on camera, then that’s what you’ll see! But rather than looking at yourself like you’re doing a Mr Bean impersonation, try noticing all the positive aspects of your on camera performance, like your natural and clear delivery technique.

And if anyone ever makes a comment on your appearance in a photo or on a video or even in a zoom meeting, please remember them! I bet you don’t remember any of the compliments and hold onto the negative feedback.  Why? Because that is what we do.  And that is why we don’t like appearing in front of the camera.

How can you fix it? How can you accept yourself on camera?

The first step is to understand that that voice inside your head, your personal IBSC, is a liar and it tells you nothing but lies. And through that very act of mindfulness, you have taken the first step to easing your hang up with cameras.

Another way to help smash through those mindset monsters is to concentrate on your delivery and your message – giving your audience the best opportunity to hear what you have to offer.  That will distract you from your doubts.

And finally, please realise that no one else is thinking about you. That’s right.  They’re not, because they’re too busy thinking of themselves.

So next time you get an opportunity to jump in front of the camera, take it and learn to embrace yourself and your unique talents!!

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