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Ten top tips what not to do on Zoom

Whether we like it or not, the future for all of us in business will have an element of ‘on camera’ work, so you gotta grab all the help you can get!

Here’s ten top tips what NOT to do in your next ZOOM or on-screen broadcast…

  1. Don’t do ZOOM from your local café (too noisy)
  2. Don’t have a window behind you (too dark on your face)
  3. Don’t use a ZOOM background like you’re on a desert island (not a professional look)
  4. Don’t forget to wear decent clothes (or at least the top half of you!)
  5. Don’t jump on late (seriously disrespectful)
  6. Don’t forget to mute yourself (unless you wanna speak of course!)
  7. Don’t let your partner walk naked behind the camera (yes, I’ve seen it happen!)
  8. Don’t pick your nose (yep, I’ve seen that happen too – yuck!)
  9. Don’t talk over others (wait your turn or raise your hand)
  10. Don’t underestimate the power of a good presentation (you have a captive audience!)
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