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We are human BEINGS not human RESULTS!

I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m an absolute sports nut.  I’m one of those people who absolutely loves watching a good contest and have been known to schedule into my diary when there’s a great game on, so I don’t have a calendar clash and miss it.  That is how much I love it.

But the funny thing is I’m not a great fan of watching sport in person which is a strange thing to admit as I’m such an enormous sports fan.  And it’s only recently that I’ve figured out why that is.

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I’m a glass half full kinda gal.  I will always find a positive spin on a situation – it’s in my DNA and something I pride myself on.

So when I’ve been on the sidelines of a game, watching it in person, I hear all the negative comments from the people around me.  I can’t not hear their sledging and the abuse that they throw at the players – whether it’s their team or the opposition. I listen as they boo the opposition’s kicker as he attempts to kick a conversion through the goalposts.

And I have to admit that it bothers me.  It goes against my innate belief that we need to be kind to each other and, to be really honest, it upsets me.

So I choose to watch most games on TV because of this.

However, recently I discovered there is hope that the world is changing for the better as I witnessed the wonderful race by the Australian middle distance runner Peter Bol.

Yes I was in Australia and he was in Tokyo at the Olympics.

But I’ve listened to the dialogue after the event and it fills me with hope.

Let me explain.

Peter Bolt was feted as one of the favourites and a possible gold medal chance.

He was put on a pedestal and worshipped by everyone throughout Australia.

He was carrying the weight of our expectations on his shoulders as he raced around the track in Tokyo @ the Olympics final.

He was leading the 800m event right up to the last turn.

And he came fourth.  He came fourth in the WORLD.  It was absolutely fantastic.  It was an amaaaaazing achievement.

And the best thing about it all.

Since then, I haven’t heard a single person say a bad word about his efforts.

Every single one of them has spoken positively about his performance and celebrated this magnificent human being.

It gives me hope that the tide is turning.  That through all this uncertainty we are learning to be grateful for what we have taken for granted before and appreciate the spectacle of sport, not just the results that are achieved.

Who knows?  Once this lockdown is over and we’re allowed to go back to watching sport in person, I might just take myself off to a game and find the sidelines filled with people who’re grateful just to be there and appreciate a good contest between talented human beings no matter what the results on the day.

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